Century Furniture Presents The Thomas O'Brien Collection

Thomas O'Brien

New Century. A new era, a new style. A unique way of combining traditional and modern, elegant and casual, bold and delicate, in designs for modern life.

At over 125 pieces, this collection includes many types of furniture, from upholstery to handcrafted wood and metalwork, for every room of your home, and in time, the garden.

Many of these designs are inspired by custom pieces and special antiques from interior projects, including my own library-guest house on Long Island: another venture just completing that is about the mix of what is old and what is new. mementos from travels and other admired antiques point the way to more of the furniture.

It's all my reflection of a range of interests that continue to evolve over time, and eventually turn into the next pieces that I design. It's a continuum.

Here is a brief glimpse of some of my favorite, key pieces, and the character and themes that inspired the collection.


The very first piece I drew for this collection, and a keystone for its idea of what is modern and elegant. A sofa with the gentlest camelback slope, very soft and pretty, and just a bit natural and dressy.

Many of these designs were inspired by custom pieces or special antiques. Above is a collections of those inspirations, sketches and then the final product as show  at the Century Showroom this past 2015 Spring Market. This product is scheduled for late fall production.