Custom Programs



One of the most important things we provide for designers is the ability to customize pieces. Whether it's a different finish, a casegood modification or upholstery options each vendor has a program that enables you to create the perfect look. Click on a vendor name below to learn more about their specific custom programs:  



Century | Chaddock | Harden | Pearson | Ambella

Often the bread and butter of a designers business, we offer multiple custom upholstery options. Whether it's by-the-inch or a predetermined vendor program we can help you design exactly what your clients is looking for. From size to style to fabric and finish, there's not much we can't do! 



Century Details | Century CustomChaddock (Ferguson Copeland) | Harden | Lorts

Just like our upholstery programs, we offer multiple custom casegood programs across some of our largest vendors. Chest, dressers, nightstands, armoires and more...if you're trying to fit a specific space, design a one-of-a-kind piece or just want to bring a sketch to life we can help you create it.  



Century | Chaddock (Ferguson Copeland) | Harden | Lorts

Need to match existing furniture? Trying to coordinate with paint colors, natural wood tones or other finishes? We offer multiple programs across some of our largest vendors to get the job done.   

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Art is the jewelry of any room and it can be difficult to source existing pieces that coordinates perfectly with a design plan. We've partnered with a handful of talented artists around the country who will create custom work just for your client. From traditional landscapes to modern abstracts to transitional triptychs we can do it all.