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Vol III: Thomas O'brien for Century


Introducing the new collection by Thomas O'Brien for Century Furniture. Ushering in a new era and style for the brand we love the unique way it combines traditional and modern, elegant and casual, bold and delicate. With over 125 new pieces, the collection includes everything from upholstery to handcrafted wood and metalwork, for every room of your home, and in time, the garden.

What makes this collection especially distinct is the fact that many of Thomas' designs are inspired by his vast collection of antiques, many of which reside in his own Long Island home. This ideas of mixing what is old with what is new defines this collection and makes it a true investment in timeless style. 

To showcase the evolution, here are the original sketches by Thomas followed by the final products available now: 

We've found this collection be increasingly popular amongst the designers here in Minneapolis and continue to stock the showroom with our best selling and favorite pieces. Feel free to stop in as our inventory is always changing but in the meantime, here are a few sneak peeks: 

Lauren Overholser